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Premier Plus Plan
Get ready for an all-inclusive package with this Premier Plus Package! You and your family have direct access to leading national health and lifestyle discount services at an unbelievable price. Imagine a discount health and lifestyle benefits program without tons of paperwork...well, you've found it! Everyone is accepted so you can jump right into savings of 10% to 85% on most health services such as pharmacy and vision. Plus the security of reliable around the clock support such as Doctor by phone and lab, medical supplies, diabetic supplies, and a suite of other top of the line health services just makes this plan a tremendous value. Plus with the vast array of lifestyle benefits including LifeLock for the family, pet care, legal assistance, dining, movie ticket discounts, roadside assistance, and more it's no wonder this plan is one of the most popular chosen plans in the network.
$34.95 per month
$7.95 processing fee*
This plan is not available to residents of FL,KS,WA,UT or VT

*All plans have a onetime
$7.95 processing fee